The Regional Service Team(RST) was formed to serve the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati by:

1. Serving God by assisting Catholic prayer groups in our region through networking, leadership training and encouragement.

2. Fostering a personal experience of Pentecost through

– Committing oneself to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
– Being baptized in the Holy Spirit
– Receiving and using charismatic gifts
– Developing a life of holiness in a Catholic context of faith and practice
growing together as brothers and sisters in communities of faith and love
– Witnessing to Jesus Christ through personal testimony and works of mercy
and justice

3. Promote an awareness and understanding of the Catholic Charismatic renewal movement in our region.


A quarterly newsletter is published either in paper ($10) or electronically (free via email) using Adobe Acrobat. The electronic version is available by sending an email with your name, your email address and your statement that you would like to receive the newsletter electronically at the email address provided. We ask for a donation for both in order to support the editing, printing, mailing and cost associated with the expenses for the RST. If you would like more information or want to subscribe you may email:

[email protected]newsletter

Or write:

Regional Service Team
c/o Lighthouse Renewal Center
1025 Carson Avenue
Cincinnati,Ohio 45205 U.S.A.

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